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Preparing For An Ultra-Trail: Inside My Training Strategy

6 days, 8 workouts, here's an insight into my weekly training regimen.

3 Trail Runs ⛰

I undertake three trail runs each week, ranging between 15 to 30 kilometers, with elevation gains of 500 to 1000 meters.

  1. Longer: One of these is my 'long run', where I disconnect from performance metrics. I don’t monitor my pace or heart rate; it’s all about enjoying myself while completing the distance I set.

  2. Higher-Intensity: Another run focuses on elevating my heart rate and fortifying my mental resilience. This session involves running at all time, both uphill and downhill. To ensure a continuous and effective workout, I specifically choose routes that are runner-friendly.

  3. Technique-Focused: For my third run , I focus on technique improvement by tackling steeper and more challenging terrains. I walk uphill and cautiously run downhill, adapting to the demanding aspects of these trails.

1 Strength Training 🏋️

Once a week, I dedicate 90 minutes to a full-body strength workout. This session also encompasses mobility, balance, proprioception and running drills. I keep my heart rate low to focus on form and precision.

2 Cardio Workouts 🫀

  1. Ergometer Training: using machines like the SkiErg, Assault Bike, and rower, these high-intensity circuits with no rest between exercices last between 30 to 60 minutes. They are designed to get my heart rate through the roof.

  2. CrossFit-Style: The second cardio workout of the week blends cardiovascular exercise with weight training. This session is less about heart rate and more about the quality of movement and the impact on my nervous system. Exercises include sled push/pulls, push presses, burpees or weighted jump squats.

2 Runmutes 🏃

Twice a week, I incorporate an 8-kilometer 'runmute' en route to my cardio workouts. This not only serves as an efficient warm-up but also helps me adjust my weekly mileage, extending or shortening the distance as needed.

Rest and Recovery 🧘‍♂️

I take one day off each week. This time is for allowing my body and nervous system to recover as well as making sure I keep my mental sanity. I always make time for a gentle walk, covering around 10,000 steps throughout the day. This not only aids in detoxifying my body but also allows me to enjoy some fresh air


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